Trend Scalper
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Trend Scalper

Investing in the trend with trading systems

A trend scalper is someone who is using the most promising method - exploiting trends - to prosper in the stock, futures and Forex markets. Trend Scalper is about trading and investing systems that are built around scalping and trends. These systems are coming in different flavours:

  • Such a trading strategy can try to buy early and sell not too late in a trend, thus riding the whole trend.
  • There is of course the progressive version that implies to enter a trend by means of scalping and possibly exiting it in the same manner.
  • Trend can be understood more loosely and not be detected with the radar of technical analysis. Trend scalping then is more exploiting fundamental new technologies, fashions or necessities.
  • Other interpretations are thinkable, for instance the more literal one is performed by stronger market players selling into new highs or buying into new lows bending the trend around.

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