Trend Scalper
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Trend Scalper

Every trader and investor needs a system

There is neither a perfect system to make money in the markets, nor does every system fit to everyone. In order to find something that works for you a bit research is necessary. This category tries to collect and outline promising aspects of the financial markets. Specifically you will find here:

  • Trading or investing methods seen from the angle of a prominent core idea spawning thoughts from there on. Mastering one trading pattern is enough to make a living!
  • The dark side of the money moon. Musings about the big and better players of the markets and their advantages amplifying the mistakes of small traders and investors.
  • Descriptions of complete trading systems or investing strategies.

The space of trading and investment ideas is virtually infinite and evolving, so expect this part of Trend Scalper to grow over time.

A robust swing trading system that actually works. Scalping Forex with the tactics of the banks. Scalping futures by riding also the intraday trend. Safe bets for the options market without having to know where the market will go. Almost unbelievable results with a stock picking trading machine is conquering the OTC markets. Use a stock signal generating robot the other way round.