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The fascinating story of a stock picking robot

Two young guys developed a trading program which they named Marl by merging their first names. These underground geeks, one of them being formerly employed by Goldman and Sachs where he created a trading system for the futures market, are offering entry signals for low cap stocks.

They claim an average gain of about 80% within the very short time of days. Subscribe to their newsletter and follow their trading advice one day later. No need for speed, everything is doable even for non-daytrading investors.

So far so good, one might think, the usual story, and their web page looks like one would expect it to look - stuffed with marketing gimmicks. But this thing seems to have tremendous success gauged by its gravity on Clickbank, which outrivals its competitors by a huge margin in this regard. These numbers are trustful, Clickbank has no intent to sacrifice (relatively) all their thousands of other products in order to promote only one specifically.

Where does this success come from? Generally there are two explanations. Either their trading system is for real, and they somehow discovered indeed something, perhaps something that flies under the radar of traders caring for bigger stocks, or success simply generates success. By the latter I mean, that all their many subscribers are buying the recommended stocks, and therefore they are going up. Perhaps it is a combination of both.

Even in case of the self-inducing success this trading machine is highly interesting. The advisable trading method is to sell early into the upward move before it has ended. There is a money back guarantee and a bonus offer that pays for the trial subscription, so essentially this seems to be a riskless try, and who knows, maybe they even want it to be virtually free.

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