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Signal generating stock robot

While the Forex market gets swamped with "trading robots" right now, there are also mechanized stock trading systems. For Forex my advice would be to trade it manually and for the stock market I generally don't have a different opinion. However, this one is special. The makers of this robot claim that an ingenious machine works behind their signal system.

This may or may not be true, but I suspect there is something else... Either this system has so many followers that prices of these penny stocks are skyrocketing because of the recommendation or these stocks get accumulated beforehand and than pumped up with these signals and by other means.

Interestingly you can use the resulting price explosions still to your advantage. You just have to be quick with jumping into the up-move and even more so with the sale. There are situations where high price levels are reached and sustained, which is a bit hard to understand, but don't expect this to be the rule.

Fearless raiders visit the site of the stock trading machine.