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gOS - Trading machine in VMware

gOS is an online centric Linux distribution that has a Ubuntu system under the hood. Still being in an early development phase, it promises to bring a computing environment of SAS to the (trading) desk of private home users.

For running gOS 3.1 you will need the VMware Player software, which will give you a software computer in your real hardware machine. This software PC is completely isolated from the outside operating system and hardware so that applications running inside of it don't know on what system they are really running. Both systems are safe of malicious software residing in the other one respectively.

With respect to trading or investment Linux has not so many native apps to offer as Windows, so using gOS as a basis for trading requires the use of a broker with a web trading interface for entering orders or viewing charts. This may seem to be a drawback, but the most important thing of a financial application like a trading setup is the price data and most critical is the quality and security of order execution. Server side held orders are always better executed than orders entered by your home based automatic trading system, no matter how fast and reliable your machine, your internet connection etc. is. Essentially it is worth to think about a trading setup that is completely built with web services.

Download: - 794MB
MD5 hash:2aa05330517dba29f13c02ae263d3724
Admin Password:gos
Linux Base:Ubuntu 8.10
Here are the old versions:
gOS 3.0Desktop environment Gnome, VMware Tools
gOS 2.0 betaDesktop environment Enlightenment

Trading Systems Tools. The older gOS 3.0 VMware image is already based on Gnome. The first gOS system in VMware 2.0beta.