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gOS 2.0

gOS 2.0 is an online centric Linux distribution that has a Debian system under the hood. While most Linuxes use Gnome or KDE as the default user interface this one has Enlightenment. Still being in an early development phase, it promises to bring a computing environment of SAS to the (trading) desk of private home users.

For running gOS 2.0 beta you will need at least the VMware Player software, which will give you a software computer in your real hardware machine. This software PC is completely isolated from the outside operating system and hardware so that applications running inside of it don't know on what system they are really running. Both systems are safe of malicious software residing in the other one respectively.

This is an old version!

Download: - 574MB

Online operating system gOS in VMware for having a trading machine isolated from all other PC activities. The older gOS 3.0 VMware image is already based on Gnome. Trading Systems Tools