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COS - Chrome Browser with VMware

The newest application from Trend Scalper is based on a distro dubbed Chrome OS, which is based insofar on Google's Chrome product line as it incorporates the Chrome Browser. The real Chrome OS from Google will come later, perhaps on also, and has nothing to do with this appliance.

However, the COS appliance features the Chrome browser and is a help for those who can't install Google's new browser. For now it is only possible for Windows users from XP on to install the Chrome browser natively and easily. If you are a Linux or other OS user or don't want to give Google direct access to your Computer, the COS is right for you. Read here more about how to use VMware appliances and enjoy their safe sandboxing of possibly dangerous surfing trips.

Download: - 531MB
MD5 hash:2f55dec12a9652ec5b99df792e22e366
Admin Password:pass
Linux Base:Suse
VMwareTools:Not installed

This thing is meant as a demo, for one for the fine Chrome browser, and more so for a trading appliance that works completely online centric. Instead of hoping on gOS, which was thought as the base for Trading System V we will probably concentrate on Chrome OS in the future as the base for Trend Scalper's trading appliance. More and more it becomes clear that the future of gOS is unclear, especially now that Google is about to create its own OS.

Some examples for Linux or Java based trading programs that may make it into our VMware-based trading application:

  • Macroaxis offers asset allocation, correlation and performance monitoring. For people who like to trade the market more relaxed and control their diversified portfolio without having to bother too much with timing, entry and exit signals.
  • Sell at Market monitors your stocks round the clock and gives you sell alerts. Again something for traders who want to stay stress free.
  • Cyklotron is a analyzation tool for all markets. It detects quotes cycles and generates trading signals from EOD data in csv format. For long and short traders.
  • ITLocus Charting makes a graphical analysis of the stock market possible. It is both for EOD and real time data usable.
  • Technical indicators packed in a Java library are e.g. the foundation for an autotrading robot. Of course any other interactive analysis program can be build upon this library also.
  • The Markowitz Theory allows for an semi-automated investing system that tries to optimize diversification instead of pinpointing market entries and exits.

All these software pieces are interesting, but there is still the psychological element involved in trading. Trend Scalper therefore prefers the discrete trading method, of course supported by intelligent trading software whenever possible. That is what the Chrome OS app or its successor aims to achieve in the future. On the other hand it could be also a base for automatically trading a system.

Trading the Forex market, for instance, is a field that could be done manually, provided that you have the right scalping system, or with a modern Forex-autotrader. The latter is convenient, but always keep in mind that at least extraordinary circumstances are better judged by a human trader.